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A Glitch, but no problems


If bugs bug you, and creepy crawlies creep you out, then perhaps you aren't tough enough for Glitch, a weevil who learns to be tough when it counts. Michelle Worthington's latest Ford Street book (go Paul Collins, publisher par excellence) was my chance to get down and dirty in the dumps, in the best possible way. I've never really illustrated an imaginative children's book - they mostly have been pretty realistic, except for a bunch of Early Readers decades ago. But Glitch let me go crazy - whilst observing anatomical correctness, of course! Real numbers of legs, real carapaces - real arthropods. I wanted to get under the exoskeleton and discover what makes our invertebrate neighbours tick! Plus it was just awesome fun to invent mini billycarts driven by bugs through a miasma of mess! So much more than weevils and dung beetles, Glitch is actually a touching story of neuroses and friendship. Now released, ask for it everywhere and often. Teachers' notes on the Ford Street website take you inside my head - possibly not a good idea, but give it a go. Michelle's musings are there too, a much safer read!


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