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Lyrebird gong


Yes, although I always say that the reward is in the performance, in being part of a successful show, I have to admit that getting a nod for a theatre set is nice. The Lyrebird Youth Awards have been announced, and my set for The Addams Family, with Trinity Grammar and Ruyton Girls' School, has got a nomination for Best Set. A big thanks to the Maintenance staff at Trinity who turned my designs into stairs and bridges that wouldn't fall down, and thanks to all the staff and kids who put up with me taking over the hall for a few weeks to build and paint it all. And especially well done to the crew and cast who moved it all during the performances with speed, smoothness and without killing anyone, not even once! Always a bonus. I did manage to screw my finger to the set once, but with all the fake blood on the set, some real stuff wasn't noticed (Don't tell OH&S!) Well done to the cast who also got nominated for their excellent performances, both individuals and the ensemble, and the costumes, musical direction, and the complete production. In fact, there weren't many categories the show didn't get a nomination for! It was pretty darn good. And as for that amazingly real-looking blood on the set ...


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