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SPARK gets a CBCA gong!


Who would have thought it? Something that Adam Wallace and I did together that actually worked! Our latest (well actually, our only) book together Spark, which Adam wrote and I illustrated, has just been awarded a Notable Book in the Picture Book of the Year category in the Children's Book Council of Australia's annual awards! Yay us! It's a 'long list' prior to next month's 'short list' prior to August's winner. It's a very long long-list this year -  heaps of great picture books have been published in the last year in Australia, which is great news for everyone who loves kids' books. Not so great news if you want your book to get noticed, but we are in wonderful company. I've had a three Notables and a Short List before, but always in the Eve Pownall award for information books. This is a first for me for in the Picture Book category. 

So that's two out of two with Ford Street (The Poppy was a Notable in 2015), so 'Yay!' also to Paul Collins, our intrepid publisher. Here's hoping for three out of three with my next Ford Street book, out in a couple of months. I won't say too much yet, except - a weevil, Michelle Worthington, a dung beetle, and billy carts. Make of that what you will!


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