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The Perfect Leaf


It's not out yet, although it is in my hot little hands. My first author/illustrator effort since The Poppy is nearly officially out and about! Keeping the totally unintentional botanical theme - funny, given my surname - The Perfect Leaf has arrived at the wonderful Ford Street Publishing. We'll announce the launch date soon, but just to tweak your interest, here are a couple of the paintings, in the children's books section of Illustrations. Hope you like them, and - amazing - not a dinosaur in sight! (Something a bit dragonish, though.)

Speaking of dragons, there are also some new black-and-whites there as well, from The Dragon and Toad, by British author Camille Leon. It's been wonderful working with her in a very collaborative way in developing the art and characters, and I've loved getting back to pen and ink - my first art love. When the book is released I'll let you know.


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