I am a Melbourne based illustrator, mural artist, author, science educator, and theatre designer, director and choreographer.

Bringing art to life
Andrew Plant

Flexible, fun and informative classes for Years 1 – 10. Whether it’s discovering ideas for a picture book, or creating characters, matching illustrations to words, or doing without the words altogether, I can present a class to fit your needs. Or perhaps dinosaur illustration is what you’re after, or a focus on the Centenary of Anzac …


My book illustrations range from accurate, lifelike animals and their environments to fantasy or comic characters, in acrylic paint, pen and ink, or pencil.



I can create indoor or outdoor murals in almost any space. I work mostly in paint, although 3-dimensional elements can also be incorporated.



I have contributed artwork to over 140 books and magazines, as well as writing and illustrating several Early Learning titles, science education books and picture books.



Having created theatre sets for over 90 productions, I can design to fit almost any space, from professional theatres with fly towers, to intimate 'black box' studios, school halls, and classrooms.

Latest news

Not yet - but soon!

Hi all (assuming there's anyone out there. Do drop me a line if you are.) It's been a busy 12 months with picture books at Ford Street, so what better way of starting 2020 than with yet another one. It's my first authorstrator effort (author/illustrator, for those who didn't get it) for a while, and unlike The Poppy and The Perfect Leaf, it doesn't have a botanical theme to go with my surname. In fact, it's quite unlike anything I've done before. Here's a teaser, and you can see there's no forests or bugs or French villages or even dinosaurs (gasp!) but something quite out of this world. I won't reveal the name yet - oh, why not, it's on the Ford Street website! It's called Jump! (The exclamation mark is part of the name, not just me getting overly excited.) To be released in March, I believe, and I'll have a proper launch soon after. Have a look at Ford Street and you can see my plucky little hero on the cover. He's a Quig. Of course.

New website and art for sale!

Welcome to my new-look, mobile-friendly, finally-in-the-21st Century website! (Actually I loved my last one but it had been around for a while.) I've got a new book about to come out so watch out for Pippa, but right now you can check out a new feature. Go to Original Artwork and you can see that I've got art from my books for sale. There are some I can't part with and some that are on loan to libraries etc, but so many have just been sitting in the dark on my art shelves that I thought it would be better for them to be seen by someone who would like them on their wall. I actually don't have much of my own stuff up - I've seen them enough! So for a really unique gift from a book you like, or just an image you like, have a browse. It's not all up yet, but I'll be adding pics over the next few weeks. If there is an image from a book you would really like, but it's not up, it's worth getting in touch to see if it's available. Sometimes I just need a nudge to let something go.

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